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About Us

It takes sports fans to feel for sports fans and understand their plight… There is nothing more frustrating than cheering your team to the finals and yourself not getting to be there to watch them play live. But that’s where we come in; we are devoted sports fans and here to help you solve your problem.

We guarantee that you get tickets at face value to the finals, to watch your favorite team without having to buy a ticket at season’ begin. Our service allows you to reserve the tickets exclusively to the game and team you really wish to see!

The best part about the Ticket2Final service is that real fans get an opportunity to see their team play on face value ticket, they enjoy an optimal sport experience and support their team live during the game.

That is what we at T2F do for you and nobody does it better!

We guarantee you a ticket to the finals, at face value and any time during the season - so there’s no last minute scramble!

Denis Adamsky

Denis Adamsky is the founder of SKY DA INVESTMENTS and acts as its general director.

Among Mr. Adamsky's other business activities, he is also the private investor of Global Student Entrepreneur
Award program, supporting Russian students with their innovative projects and encouraging them to become
scalable as well as saleable entrepreneurs on their own.

Being a devoted sports fan Mr. Adamsky appreciates new passionate ideas.

This is how he became the angel investor and main shareholder of Ticket2Final.

Above all, Mr. Adamsky is a loving husband and father and speaks three languages.